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Advance Access JCVI Metagenomics Reports Application Note

A significant JCVI informatics development is JCVI Metagenomics Reports, an open source Web 2.0 application designed to help scientists analyze and compare annotated metagenomics data sets. Users can download the application to upload and analyze their own metagenomics datasets. METAREP...

Naples Harbor Sampling

Thursday July 15th After getting some sleep at anchorage in Ischia island we sailed for a few hours to the main harbor in Naples.  Over the years the Sorcerer II Expedition has collected samples in major ports around the world (Sydney, Halifax, Boston,  Panama, Cape Town, just to...

Italian Sampling Continues-Unique Animal in Italian Waters!

Wednesday July 14th Monday July 12th we woke up early and left the anchorage in Capraia Island. We arrived at Ischia island at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday the 14th. In those 48 hours we collected 6 samples. Two samples were collected in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea, two samples were collected over...

Mediterranean Sampling Season Starts

Sunday July 11th 2010 On Thursday July 8th Sorcerer II set sail from Valencia Spain to start the Mediterranean season. Permits vary from country to country, Italy gave us 10 days to collect our samples, so we had to time our departure from Spain to fit our 10 day sampling window in Italy. As...

The Sorcerer II Sampling Process

July 6th In the blog about the media event I posted a few days back I put a link to the JCVI media page. On this page you can learn about our research goals, funders and past expeditions (more links on the right side of the page). Before we set out for this sampling season I wanted to...

Valencia, The Home Of Sorcerer II And Crew Since September 2009

July 5th Valencia is located about 140 miles (365 kilometers) from Barcelona. Valencia has a rich history and a distinct culture from other Spanish cities. I have only spent a few months here, but I wanted to share some of the highlights with you all before we set sail and start our...

High-performance comparative metagenomics

Are your carrying out large scale metagenomics analyses to identify differences among multiple sample sites? Are you looking for suitable analysis  tools? If you have not yet found the right analysis tool, you may be interested in  the latest beta version of JCVI...

Media Day Circus On Sorcerer II

June 23nd On Monday June 21st we announced the official start of the Mediterranean leg of the Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling Expedition. Dr. Venter took time from his busy schedule to fly into Valencia and attend the event as well as representatives from The Life Technology Foundation....

Genomics of the Indoor Air Environment

Most of our life is spent in indoors, well-buffered from the constant changes in temperature, humidity, wind and light which shape life outside our homes and offices. It seems intuitive that the types of microorganisms which inhabit our indoor environment must be different from those on the...


Grow by Ginkgo

Getting Under the Skin

Amid an insulin crisis, one project aims to engineer microscopic insulin pumps out of a skin bacterium.


Planet Microbe

There are more organisms in the sea, a vital producer of oxygen on Earth, than planets and stars in the universe.

Vanity Fair

The Next Climate Change Calamity?: We’re Ruining the Microbiome, According to Human-Genome-Pioneer Craig Venter

In a new book (coauthored with Venter), a Vanity Fair contributor presents the oceanic evidence that human activity is altering the fabric of life on a microscopic scale.


Lessons from the Minimal Cell

“Despite reducing the sequence space of possible trajectories, we conclude that streamlining does not constrain fitness evolution and diversification of populations over time. Genome minimization may even create opportunities for evolutionary exploitation of essential genes, which are commonly observed to evolve more slowly.”

Quanta Magazine

Even Synthetic Life Forms With a Tiny Genome Can Evolve

By watching “minimal” cells regain the fitness they lost, researchers are testing whether a genome can be too simple to evolve.


Privacy concerns sparked by human DNA accidentally collected in studies of other species

Two research teams warn that human genomic “bycatch” can reveal private information

New York Times

Scientists Unveil a More Diverse Human Genome

The “pangenome,” which collated genetic sequences from 47 people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, could greatly expand the reach of personalized medicine.


First human ‘pangenome’ aims to catalogue genetic diversity

Researchers release draft results from an ongoing effort to capture the entirety of human genetic variation.



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