A Bioinformatics Roadmap for the Human Vaccines Project

Biomedical research has become a data intensive science in which high throughput experimentation is producing comprehensive data about biological systems at an ever-increasing pace. The Human Vaccines Project is a new public-private partnership, with the goal of accelerating development of improved vaccines and immunotherapies for global infectious diseases and cancers by decoding the human immune system. To achieve its mission, the Project is developing a Bioinformatics Hub as an open-source, multidisciplinary effort with the overarching goal of providing an enabling infrastructure to support the data processing, analysis and knowledge extraction procedures required to translate high throughput, high complexity human immunology research data into biomedical knowledge, to determine the core principles driving specific and durable protective immune responses.


Expert review of vaccines. 2017-06-01; 16.6: 535-544.
A bioinformatics roadmap for the human vaccines project
Scheuermann RH, Sinkovits RS, Schenkelberg T, Koff WC
PMID: 28434256


This work is funded by the Human Vaccines Project.

Principal Investigator

Key Staff


Robert Sinkovits, Andreas Goetz, Madhusudan Gujral, Danielle Whitehair, and Sandeep Chandra
San Diego Supercomputer Center

Wayne Koff and Theodore Schenkelberg
Human Vaccines Project

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