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Venter Institute Announces Acquisition of the Norman Collection: The History of Molecular Biology

ROCKVILLE, MD — August 10, 2005 — The J. Craig Venter Institute (Venter Institute) today announced the acquisition of the Norman Collection of molecular biology archives from Christie's. The archive includes correspondence, galley proofs, photographs and laboratory notebooks from renowned scientists, such as Sydney Brenner, Francis Crick, Max Delbrück, Rosalind Franklin, Aaron Klug, Linus Pauling, Max Perutz, Maurice Wilkins, and James Watson. The collection will be housed at the Venter Institute and will be made available to scholars for viewing.

"As part of our public education initiative at the Venter Institute, we look forward to sharing this tremendous compilation of molecular biology history with others," noted J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., founder and president of the Venter Institute. "In the future, we hope to complement the collection with additional key scientific documents."

The Norman Collection includes a comprehensive array of documents and artifacts marking significant milestones in molecular biology history. The archive consists of documents pertaining to the classical period of molecular biology, specifically the discovery of DNA's double helical structure and tangential discoveries, such as the synthesis and structure of proteins.

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