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J. Craig Venter Institute sells La Jolla laboratory building to UC San Diego

LA JOLLA, CA and ROCKVILLE, MD—April 28, 2022—The J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), now in its thirtieth year, has sold its La Jolla laboratory building to the University of California San Diego for $25 million and five-year lease back of that building rent free. The transaction was completed in January 2022.  

The JCVI will continue to operate as an independent, not-for-profit research organization in both La Jolla, California and Rockville, Maryland. Scientists in both locations are engaged in robust research programs including human and environmental genomics, synthetic biology, and infectious diseases.  

Currently JCVI has approximately 120 scientists and staff, most of whom hold joint appointments with UC San Diego. We are in active discussions with the University about an even closer alliance that would include the transfer of some JCVI faculty and research programs to UC San Diego.  

As an independent research institution, JCVI remains committed to being a leader and innovator in pioneering genomics to positively impact life.

About J. Craig Venter Institute 

The J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) is a not-for-profit research institute in Rockville, Maryland and La Jolla, California dedicated to the advancement of the science of genomics; the understanding of its implications for society; and communication of those results to the scientific community, the public, and policymakers. Founded by J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., the JCVI is home to approximately 120 scientists and staff with expertise in human and evolutionary biology, genetics, bioinformatics/informatics, information technology, high-throughput DNA sequencing, genomic and environmental policy research, and public education in science and science policy. The JCVI is a 501(c)(3) organization. For additional information, please visit www.jcvi.org.

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