By Matthew LaPointe

JCVI Scientists Recognized by ASM

Drs. Karen E. Nelson and Kenneth H. Nealson

Drs. Karen E. Nelson and Kenneth H. Nealson are both being recognized by the American Academy of Microbiology (ASM) tomorrow, May 26, 2010.

Karen has been elected to Fellowship in the ASM. She is one of seventy-eight new members that have been selected through a peer-review process based on her contributions to microbiology. Karen is currently the Director of JCVI’s Rockville, Maryland Campus and leads the Genomic Medicine Group. Most recently she, along with JCVI staff and in conjunction with Human Microbiome consortium members, published findings from a study involving the sequencing of 178 reference genomes associated with the human body.

Ken, already a member and ASM Fellow is being awarded the 2010 D.C. White Research and Mentoring Award Laureate. This award is granted to those who demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach to research and have embraced the role of mentor. Ken is a Distinguished Professor and heads the Microbial and Environmental Genomics Group at JCVI.

Congratulation Karen and Ken!