Vibrio Genome Project

This project is complete.


Several strains of Vibrio species will be sequenced under this project. The goal is to identify the specific genes and/or polymorphisms that are correlated with expression of virulence and disease via comparative genomic analysis. This work will increase our knowledge of the virulence of this understudied biothreat pathogen and provide a foundation for the development of diagnostic and therapeutic countermeasures. Several strains of Vibrio cholerae and closely related Vibrio species have been approved for sequencing under this project.

Data Release

Chromatogram Files: We will submit all sequences and trace files (chromatograms) generated under this project to the Trace Archive at NCBI. These data will also include information on templates, vectors, and quality values for each sequence.

Genome Assemblies:We will assemble and release the sequences for the three Vibrio strains being sequenced to 8X at the 3X coverage. A second data release will occur once 8X sequence coverage has been attained. The 5X draft genomes will be released at completion. Data will be made available via this web site. These assemblies will also be deposited in GenBank.

Genome Annotation:Genome annotation includes both automated and manual curation. We will run automated annotation on all WGS projects at the end of the random sequencing phase (8X or 5X sequence coverage). (Automatic annotation on genomes with lower coverage is highly unreliable due to the small size of almost all contigs.) For the closed V. choleraegenome, we will re-run the auto-annotation as soon as possible after the closure process is complete. Auto-annotation for all Vibrio genomes will be made freely available through the this website and will be deposited in GenBank.


Rita R. Colwell
University of Maryland, College Park and Johns Hopkins University

John Heidelberg
University of Southern California

John Mekalanos
Harvard Medical School

Rekha Seshadri

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