PeerJ. 2022-11-29; 10.e14449.

Insights into the vaginal microbiome in a diverse group of women of African, Asian and European ancestries

Roachford OSE, Alleyne AT, Nelson KE

PMID: 36518275


Intra-continentally, vaginal microbiome signatures are reported to be significantly different between Black and Caucasian women, with women of African ancestry having the less well defined heterogenous bacterial community state type (CST) deficient of species (CST IV). The objective of this study was to characterize the vaginal microbiomes across a more diverse intercontinental group of women ( = 151) of different ethnicities (African American, African Kenyan, Afro-Caribbean, Asian Indonesian and Caucasian German) using 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis to determine their structures and offer a comprehensive description of the non- dominant CSTs and subtypes.