The Journal of general virology. 2015-08-01; 96.8: 2050-60.

Influenza A virus evolution and spatio-temporal dynamics in Eurasian wild birds: a phylogenetic and phylogeographical study of whole-genome sequence data

Lewis NS, Verhagen JH, Javakhishvili Z, Russell CA, Lexmond P, Westgeest KB, Bestebroer TM, Halpin RA, Lin X, Ransier A, Fedorova NB, Stockwell TB, Latorre-Margalef N, Olsen B, Smith G, Bahl J, Wentworth DE, Waldenström J, Fouchier RA, de Graaf M

PMID: 25904147


Low pathogenic avian influenza A viruses (IAVs) have a natural host reservoir in wild waterbirds and the potential to spread to other host species. Here, we investigated the evolutionary, spatial and temporal dynamics of avian IAVs in Eurasian wild birds. We used whole-genome sequences collected as part of an intensive long-term Eurasian wild bird surveillance study, and combined this genetic data with temporal and spatial information to explore the virus evolutionary dynamics. Frequent reassortment and co-circulating lineages were observed for all eight genomic RNA segments over time. There was no apparent species-specific effect on the diversity of the avian IAVs. There was a spatial and temporal relationship between the Eurasian sequences and significant viral migration of avian IAVs from West Eurasia towards Central Eurasia. The observed viral migration patterns differed between segments. Furthermore, we discuss the challenges faced when analysing these surveillance and sequence data, and the caveats to be borne in mind when drawing conclusions from the apparent results of such analyses.