Martin-Gallardo A, McCombie WR, Gocayne JD, FitzGerald MG, Wallace S, Lee BM, Lamerdin J, Trapp S, Kelley JM, Liu LI

Automated DNA sequencing and analysis of 106 kilobases from human chromosome 19q13.3.

Nature genetics. 1992-04-01; 1.1: 34-9.

A total of 116,118 basepairs (bp) derived from three cosmids spanning the ERCC1 locus of human chromosome 19q13.3 have been sequenced with automated fluorescence-based sequencers and analysed by polymerase chain reaction amplification and computer methods. The assembled sequence forms two contigs totalling 105,831 bp, which contain a human fosB proto-oncogene, a gene encoding a protein phosphatase, two genes of unknown function and the previously-characterized ERCC1 DNA repair gene. This light band region has a high average density of 1.4 Alu repeats per kilobase. Human chromosome light bands could therefore contain up to 75,000 genes and 1.5 million Alu repeats.

PMID: 1301997