Pratap Venepally, PhD

Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer

As a member of the Core Informatics team at JCVI since 2004, Pratap Venepally provided data processing and analysis support to various research projects involving both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Most significant contributions have been in the areas of analyses pertaining to transcriptomics, sequence assembly, genotyping and SNP identification and proteomics. He is very experienced in areas of computer programming (Perl, Python, Unix & SQL), data analysis using R programming, various sequence analysis tools, NextGen sequencing software and platforms. Additionally, he has a strong Biological research background with a PhD in Molecular Biology and active contributions to several published research articles.

Research Priorities

  • Transcriptomics & RNA-Seq
  • Sequence assembly
  • Genotyping and SNP identification
  • Proteomics


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PMID: 18006572

Research Priorities

  • Transcriptomics & RNA-Seq
  • Sequence assembly
  • Genotyping and SNP identification
  • Proteomics
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