Dave Negrotto 

Senior Manager of IT

Mr. Negrotto is senior manager of IT, supporting all end-user, business, and lab computing needs for JCVI, as well as all Microsoft Enterprise Cloud and datacenter technologies. In the past several years, he and his team have maintained all proprietary and open-source hypervisors leveraged by JCVI as their hybrid cloud strategy has matured.

Born and raised in the food and culture of the greater New Orleans area of southern Louisiana but forced to leave after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Mr. Negrotto found himself at JCVI given the luxury to expand his education and experiences within his field. This has led to him being the first JCVI IT support person in San Diego, as well as being instrumental in several building and datacenter moves as JCVI grew its footprint in California.

An insatiable desire to learn and develop any technologies needed to support JCVI’s mission has led to advanced trainings across all major OSes supported by JCVI (Windows, OSX/macOS, and Red Hat Linux) as well as networking technologies from Cisco Systems. This is also evinced by his multiple bachelor’s degrees from Louisiana State University (microbiology and computer science), as well as his minor work in chemistry, positioning him as an invaluable asset in the nonprofit basic sciences research space. Geaux Tigers!